IP movie tip: The Founder

I still regularly hear people say “Spend money on a trademark? Oh, but IP is not super important!”. Perhaps these people should watch the film The Founder. The film tells the story of the founding of McDonald’s, the world’s most famous fastfoodrestaurant. Turns out that in the founding of McDonald’s there were some huge IP-screw ups resulting in a loss of many hundreds of millions of dollars…so you were saying IP is not important?

A special hamburger joint

We meet Ray Kroc, a hardworking and dedicated salesman trying to sell new products without any real success, despite his dedication and positive attitude. When his latest project – the selling of milkshake makers to hamburger joints –  is about to fail, one of the hamburger joints he offered his products to caughts his attention. Almost all of the restaurants rejected his product, but this one restaurant actually buys 8. He’s intrigued and decides to visit the place. When he arrives, he’s absolutely blown away by what he sees. 

The brothers McDonald

While practically all of the hamburger restaurants Kroc visited before barely had customers, in this restaurants there’s a huge waiting line. But despite the waiting line, he hardly has to wait and his order is ready in no time. Kroc gets completely obsessed by this hamburger restaurant and wants to know everyting about it. He also wants to get involved in the concept. The restaurant we are talking about is the first McDonald’s restaurant, founded by the brothers Mac and Dick McDonald.  

But the question is: will the McDonald’s brothers allow Kroc to participate and if so, will they take care of their IP in a possible cooperation with Kroc? 

The Founder is now on Netflix!


Regie: John Lee Hancock

Cast: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, Patrick Wilson, Linda Cardellini, Laura Dern, John Carroll Lynch, Steve Coulter

Jaar: 2016

Genres: Biografie, Drama, Historische film

Land: Verenigde Staten

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