Kim Hendriks (Lawyer of Attraction): “IP increases your company’s worth”

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Lawbeille regularly interviews entrepreneurs about their IP in the section “IP Stories”. This time in IP Stories: Kim Hendriks, lawyer and founder of legal business strategy agency Hendriks Meesteradvies. She is also the holder of her own trademark LAWYER OF ATTRACTION®. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and your company? 

My name is Kim Hendriks, I am the founder of legal business strategy agency Hendriks Meesteradvies and of my own trademark “Lawyer of Attraction®”. As a legal business strategist I help experienced entrepreneurs to get from a professional legal foundation to a stellar business. For example, I help them turn their business into an iconic brand and to develop their intuitive and leadership qualities. The goal is to create an attractive and steady business. It’s my mission to make legal more positive. My motto is therefore ‘legal isn’t boring, but sexy’. In 2019 I published my first book, called “Experttips voor Legalproof Ondernemen” (Dutch for “Expert tips for legal proof entrepreneurship”, ed.). 

2. Did you know what IP was when you started your company? 

As a lawyer, undoubtedly I know about the different fields of law, including IP-law.

3. What have you done in regards to IP protection? 

Everyone deals with rules and rights. This includes IP-rights. What I have done is registering my trademark Lawyer of Attraction®, drafting my terms and conditions and so on and so forth.

4. Why do you think it’s important to take care of your IP? 

Taking care of the IP is part of the legal responsibilities and important legal focus points that come along with running a professional company. Especially in a preventive perspective, instead of trying to fix problems when it’s already too late. This is something that’s really embedded in me and my business. In my opinion more awareness and attention on this topic should be created towards entrepreneurs. It’s a topic I focus my own marketing and business on. It’s for a reason that during my book launch, Roy Martina (an Antillean doctor who became famous with alternative medicine, ed.) said that if he had invested in a lawyer, he would have had 10 million more. The investment of taking care of legal matters really recoups itself!

5. Do you have a specific IP-learning experience that you want to share, and if so which one and what was the lesson? 

I really like to learn and develop myself, in the broader sense. I believe you are never done learning and furthermore that we are teacher and student at the same time. However, I don’t have any specific learning experience at this point.

6. What is in your opinion the importance of IP for an entrepreneur? 

To be able to run a professional company in a lasting and endurable way, you must secure your IP-rights. It increases your company’s worth.


Name: Kim Hendriks

Occupation: Lawyer, legal business strategist and writer

Company: Hendriks Meesteradvies


Miscellaneous: Kim wrote her first book “Experttips voor Legalproof Ondernemen” in 2019


Instagram: @lawyer_of_attraction

Translation by Melissa Moncada Castillo

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