Selling on part 2: products for which a trademark is mandatory

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This article is the sequel of my previous article on selling via In that article, I explained why it is wise to register your trademark when you want to start selling on But, this is not all. For some products, a registered trademark is not only wise, it’s even mandatory.

Reputation is king knows: a company’s reputation is everything. They know that as a platform, offering products of inferior quality or offering unsafe products can seriously damage a company’s reputation. That’s why it’s so important to protect the safety and reliability of the products that are offered through their website. In view of this, has set up some additional sales conditions for some product categories. In some cases, a trademark policy is also applicable, which means that there has to be a registered trademark for those specific products. If you want to start selling on, it’s therefore very wise to first check if the product you want to sell falls within one of these special product groups. If it does, you have to first meet the additional requirements. You can find the conditions and the trademark policies on’s partner platform.

Product categories

The trademark policy is applicable to the following product categories: 

  • Clothing: women’s and men’s clothing, baby and children’s clothing, underwear and hosiery, casual sportswear;
  • Certain products within the category computer and electronics; 
  • Jewellery and watches; 
  • Hoverboards and squishies (toys). 

These are the product categories with a trademark policy. However, keep in mind that there are also additional selling conditions which can be applicable to these categories and others. Please check the partner platform for these conditions. 

Trademark registration 

Do you want to start selling on If the products you want to sell fall under one of those special categories and if they are your own products, you need a trademark registration. The trademark registration needs to be valid in the Benelux. Therefore, it can be a Benelux, EU or international trademark. The first step is ofcourse the registration of the trademark. Do you want to know more about doing a trademark registration? Please read my previous article on this topic [in Dutch]. Choosing the right class when doing a trademark registration is crucial. Read more on this topic here. Since the registration of trademarks is a legal thing and mistakes can be made easily, it’s very wise to seek advice from a professional trademark attorney. Please contact Lawbeille for advice or more information and avoid unnecessary problems.  

Trademark authorisation

Once you have registered your trademark, you now have to apply for trademark authorisation. Basically, this means that you will ask permission from to have your registered trademark recorded on the list of accepted trademarks. To do so, you need to fill in an online form which is available on the partnerplatform. Keep in mind that you will need the registration number of your trademark.

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